Now An All-Encompassing Financing Firm, MoneyHaus Announces Major Rebranding

Toronto, CA, Release:  December 3, 2019.  For Immediate Release

Nearly two years after its inception ACE Funding a Mississauga based lending brokerage will soon take on the branding of its now parent company, MoneyHaus.

ACE Funding Inc. was originally developed by a partnership of Ashley Ceballos-Escorcia and Abdul Haque-Kayser, offering solution based mortgages and building a reputation for high approval ratings and a strong attention to educating their clients.

The company’s president Ashley Ceballos-Escorcia has signed a deal with MoneyHaus and Aristi Enterprises to expand the mortgage business into entrepreneurial financing and remove the name ACE from the company branding.

The inception board of MoneyHaus has been planning this name change along with other major strategy changes, including a focus on assisting entrepreneurs and businesses with their financing needs, and in streamlining the funding process. The company offers mortgage products, loan brokering, and online courses.

When asked about the business name change, the president of MoneyHaus, Ashley Ceballos-Escorcia, shared that this rebranding solidified the commitment of MoneyHaus to the quickly developing entrepreneurial niche. "We want to provide options to entrepreneurs with new ideas and we want new businesses to be able to fund themselves until they achieve the success they envision. We don't want them to give up their dream because of their inability to obtain financing"

MoneyHaus will be a hub for entrepreneurs to find resources to plan, strategize and grow their businesses as well as guidance for how to secure financing to fund said strategies and growth.

Interested parties can learn more about the products offered by MoneyHaus on the company website:

Contact info: Name: Ashley Ceballos-Escorcia Organization: MoneyHaus Address: 127-330 Burnhamthorpe Rd. West Phone: +1-877-928-4287

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