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Do you have credit card bills and other debts with growing balances?

Are you struggling to get ahead financially due to the mounting debt?

Do you want to consolidate your high interest payments into a single lower interest payment that will help you pay off the debt?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we can help! If you own your home, a home equity loan used to pay off your high interest debts may be a great solution for you to consider. At MoneyHaus, we have professionals who are capable of working with you to combine several debts into a single loan that has a more favourable term, payment, interest rate, or loan structure.

Your monthly payments can be reduced by up to two-thirds!

We completely understand your financial situation and will provide you with options when it comes to consolidating debt.

How to Qualify for a Debt Consolidation Loan

At MoneyHaus, all that matters is that you own your own home.
Unlike the banks with strict criteria, your age, credit history or income does not matter.



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Consolidate debt into one low monthly payment. Renovate your home, start a business or even go on a holiday. Call us and a dedicated lending adviser will help you get a loan. Unlike the banks, we can often have your loan approved the vary same day, regardless of your credit.